Adoption Process

Step 1) Come out to the shelter or pet stores/event to meet our animals and fall in love.

Step 2) Talk with our adoption counselors about what you are looking for, your lifestyle and what pets would best suit you. Our Counselors can tell you all about each pets personality!

Step 3) Once you have chosen a pet, you will fill out our short adoption application. We review it and are usually able to approve an adoption within a few minutes. (We do reserve the right to deny any adoption we don’t think is in the best interest of the pet)

Step 4) If approved, you would then complete our adoption contract and receive all the details on your pet’s medical record, needs and microchip information.

Step 5) Get your “Got ya” day photo and head home with your new family member! (If the pet is not yet spayed or neutered it would stay with us at the shelter until its surgery could be done)

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