Volunteering with the animals is very rewarding.

Whether it is pet enrichment at the shelter ( walking dogs, playing with cats, etc) or assisting at Adoption Events, helping at our fundraising events or driving the animals to their vet appointments, there are so many ways you can help! You can come and go at your leisure, no set time schedule. Sign up today to become a volunteer for the needy animals!

For Mailing:

Print, fill out and mail application to
Sevier County Humane Society
PO Box 976
Pigeon Forge, TN 37868

For Online Submission:

    Emergency Contact Information




    Volunteer Agreement

    • I will abide by the mission, rules, regulations, policies and programs of the Sevier County Humane Society while I am a volunteer.

    • I will not engage in any unsafe, illegal, or unethical activities while serving as a Sevier County Humane Society volunteer.

    • I will not question or challenge the operational procedures of the Humane Society, or decisions made by the Board of Directors, the Executive Director, or Shelter Manager. Rather, I agree to adhere to, and abide by the procedures and decisions as they are set forth.

    • As a condition of volunteering, which I acknowledge to be adequate consideration, I also agree to hold the Sevier County Humane Society harmless and enter into an additional waiver of liability contemporaneously with this Volunteer Agreement.


    • I recognize that while performing my services in a voluntary capacity, in handling animals, there exists a risk of injury, including physical harm to me. On behalf of myself, my heirs and personal representatives, I hereby release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless the Sevier County Humane Society, its Board of Directors, agents, servants, and employees from any and all claims, causes of action or demands of any nature or cause connected with my volunteer service. This might include costs, attorney’s fees, and court costs incurred by the Sevier county Humane Society in connection with my volunteer services based on damages or injuries which may be incurred or sustained by me in some way in the prosecution of the volunteer work. Such damages or injuries might include but are not limited to animal bites, scratches, any other accidents, injuries, or personal property damage.

    • I also agree to release, discharge, indemnify and hold the Sevier County Humane Society harmless from any and all damages to my personal property while performing my services for the Sevier County Humane Society in a voluntary capacity.

    • I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the terms and conditions of the foregoing liability release waiver.

    I Agree to the Agreement and Waiver